Commerzbank’s Alexander Rost explores the role of banks in Bangladesh’s development for Trade and Forfaiting Review

Alexander_RostBangladesh’s economic story is remarkable. The country’s poverty rate has halved since 2000, and its development target of becoming a “middle-income economy” by 2021 has already been met. Bangladesh is therefore looking forward to a brighter future.

But securing that future means Bangladesh needs better infrastructure to diversify exports, maintain trade, and ensure a stable investment environment. Following the publication of a comprehensive new report by Commerzbank, Insights: Bangladesh – drawing on expertise from key figures in German and Bangladeshi politics, industry and finance – Alexander Rost, Commerzbank’s regional head, Indian subcontinent and ASEAN, explains how banks are helping secure investment in infrastructure, trade and growth, for a feature in specialist magazine Trade and Forfaiting Review

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