Paolo Spada writes for Die Bank on banks’ role as advisors in the CEE region

Paolo Spada, UniCreditDoing business in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) is a high stakes game, says Paolo Paolo Spada, head of CEE Global Transaction Banking at UniCredit, writing for German magazine, Die Bank.

The region certainly boasts many opportunities: most of its countries are relatively free from debt, and their growing middle class populations are enjoying increasingly high levels of disposable income – creating plenty of scope for enterprising businesses to establish a customer base.

Yet those that would capitalise are confronted by a number of barriers created by the region’s geopolitical and commercial risks, as well as its fragmented regulatory landscape. These firms must therefore find a way of embracing the opportunities without over-exposing themselves to the risks or succumbing to the intricacies of local regulation.

Of course, this is not something corporates who are new to the region are likely to achieve without support. It will be up to banks here – particularly those with a strong domestic presence in the CEE region – to offer expert guidance and support to their corporate clients. By sharing their understanding of local industries, customs and regulations, banks can play a key advisory role – keeping the risks contained and bringing the opportunities with reach.

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