UniCredit discusses how investment funds can overcome a challenging environment in GT News

Fund managers currently find themselves facing a number of challenges. While they must find ways of dealing in a European market that remains largely fragmented, they must also carry out compliance for new regulations such as
Susanna ScheffoldAIFMD and UCITS V. It’s a daunting situation, but one that will smile on those that take the time to prepare, says Susanna Scheffold, head of global sceurities services at UniCredit, in GT News.

Indeed, a challenging situation such as this offers forward-thinking funds the opportunity to get ahead of the competition. Certainly, the advantage will be with those that can demonstrate not only the knowledge to negotiate disparate local customs, but also the ability to adjust this knowledge quickly to accommodate the latest market developments. Funds will therefore be looking to see these qualities reflected in their securities services provider.

Armed with these two qualities, funds will find themselves ideally placed to overcome the challenges of the current environment and succeed in the face of adversity.

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