SFS writes for Infrastructure Investor about the future of offshore wind

Roland Chalons-BrowneFollowing the G7 agreement to phase out fossil fuels by the end of the century, governments worldwide are beginning to commit themselves
to generating more sustainable energy. This is welcome news for the offshore wind sector, a burgeoning industry, which stands to play a leading role in reducing the world’s carbon footprint, says Roland Chalons-Browne, CEO, Siemens Financial Services (SFS), in Infrastructure Investor.

But as offshore wind takes off and larger projects are commissioned, securing financing will be key. At the same time, there are greater risks, inherent with larger and more complex projects, to consider.

Therefore, he says, building investor confidence is vital. To this end, SFS can help to provide the necessary financing solutions, relevant technical know-how and smart project risk management. He highlights the recent €1.9 billion Veja Mate offshore wind project, which successfully made use of SFS’ expertise.

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