Securitising sunshine: Environmental Finance talks to S&P about the future of solar asset-backed securities

Solarsonne_4Following Standard & Poor’s (S&P) key role in helping to bring some of the first solar power asset-backed security (ABS) transactions to the market, Environmental Finance interviewed Trevor D’Olier-Lees, Director US Utilities & Infrastructure at S&P, about the future of the sector. D’Olier-Lees stresses that the development of solar ABS relies heavily on approval from credit rating agencies, and although the limited operational history of the sector means solar projects will remain at low investment grade credit levels for now, shorter tenor deals could see the situation improve.

“Traditionally, there would be conventional lending to an asset class for a decade before the move to securitisation,” he points out. “A lot can happen over 20 years….that’s up to the bankers.”

To read the interview in full, please click here. (Please note this link lies behind a paywall)

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