How can banks win the battle against cybercrime? Polaris’ Madhu K. discusses in Cash and Trade

11According to recent studies, no other sector has reported more incidents of cybercrime than the financial services industry. For many financial institutions, however, investment in security technology is still perceived as yet another cost, and knowledge-sharing remains limited by concerns over customer confidence and confidentiality.

In this context, Madhu K, Chief Information Security Officer at Polaris Consulting & Services Ltd, writes the cover story for the latest issue of Cash and Trade, explaining the most common threats in cybercrime and how financial institutions can reduce such incidents and protect themselves against risk in the future. Securing a safe future for finance will require the appropriate technology as well as a change of attitude from banks, which must come together and join forces against the ever-growing threat from cyber criminals.

To read the full article, please click here. (Please note, this link lies behind a paywall)

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