iGTB’s Upps Srinivasan talks tech dilemmas in Euromoney

Uppili Srinivasan, COO, iGTBUpps Srinivasan, COO of iGTB, features in this year’s edition of Euromoney’s annual transaction banking report, discussing the difficult choice banks face with regards to allocating investment into technology. “Banks have limited resources to spend on innovation so there needs to be a clear business case”, explains Upps. Indeed, technology investment must today be evaluated against a backdrop of increasing regulation, compliance and cost of capital, all of which pose competing needs for systems and technology solutions.

“The introduction of Basel III has created a strong business case for banks to improve their liquidity management, by investing in systems”, says Upps, “but different banks will have different approaches and priorities. In transaction banking, technology investment is most frequently made in digital, risk, payments and liquidity, and trade, supply chain and receivables”. Upps goes on to discuss the differing needs of mature and emerging markets, and the question of updating legacy systems and offering bundled products.

These and other concerns are addressed in the article, which can be viewed in full here.

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