Natixis writes for PFI issue on Exeltium case study

In the most recent PFI issue Emmanuel Gillet Lagarde, Head of Europe, and Stéphane Dubos, Executive Director at Natixis Global Infrastructure & Projects, provide a unique insight into the design of Exeltium’s innovative financing structure.
Acting as Financial Advisor, Rating Advisor, Mandated Lead Arranger, Co-Hedge Coordinator and co-underwriter of the institutional tranche, Natixis assisted Exeltium, one of the largest European power deals, to design an innovative dual-track debt raising process targeting banks and institutional investors which resulted in improved terms and conditions – paving the way to restore electricity price competitiveness and predictability amongst Exeltium’s clients.

Anne Christine Champion, Global Head of Infrastructure & Projects explains that “through this hybrid and innovative financing structure involving the largest institutional tranche ever in the French power sector, Natixis developed a multi-sourced financing structure which optimized liquidity conditions for the benefit of the clients, ensuring long-term competitiveness of their electricity supply.”

To read the full article, please click here (please note that this article is behind a paywall).

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