Falcon Group hosts its sixth annual Dubai forum

Falcon Group has held its sixth annual trade and corporate finance forum in Dubai. Moorgate helped organise the forum section of the event (which is followed by an evening reception) — developing the theme, sourcing the speakers, producing all collateral, and coordinating the panel discussion. This year’s forum — entitled “Corporate Growth versus Global Challenges” explored the role specialist financiers play in helping corporates navigate the challenges they face, and seize opportunities for growth. Dr. Duvvuri Subbarao, former Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, was joined by former Finance and Economics Minister of France, Alain Madelin, Falcon CCO, Chris Howarth, and Head of Architectures and Chief Technology Officer of the Emerging Markets at Cisco, Den Sullivan. Kamel Alzarka, Falcon’s chairman and founder, Mark Wyatt, Falcon’s Chief Risk Officer, and Guy Smith, Director at Cisco Capital also joined for the panel debate, which was moderated by Dubai Eye presenter Richard Dean.

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Richard Dean moderates the panel discussion on disruptive developments

Richard Dean moderates the panel discussion on disruptive developments

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