John Danilovich, Secretary General of ICC, reflects in TMI on how professional education can cater for a globalizing business world

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) recently launched the ICC Academy, a ground-breaking educational initiative drawing upon ICC experts to provide certified courses, initially in banking and trade finance, to a global audience of professionals.

The idea behind the ICC Academy is that with ever-greater worldwide integration creating new opportunities for international trade, a global standard of professional education has an important role to play in ensuring firms can capitalize.

To this end, the Academy will tackle two barriers to international trade. The first is a lack of workplace skills; the second a lack of consistency in business practices around the world. By providing world-class, standardized education to a global audience, the Academy can solve both these problems – raising standards of workplace skills and encouraging common principles that will foster cooperation with international partners.

John Danilovich discusses in TMI.

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ICC Academy

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