Olivier Perquel explains how the revived bank will grow in a shrinking world

IOlivier Perquel photon May’s issue of The Banker, Olivier Perquel, Natixis’ Head of Financing and Global Markets, explains to Alexander Philip, Editor of The Banker, how his work in the US and UK led to his current role at Natixis. Seen as an Anglo-Saxon hire when he joined France’s Natixis in 2009, Perquel was tasked with the challenge of steering the turnaround strategy, including the wind-down of non-core asset unit Gestion Active des Portefeuilles Cantonnés. By mid-2012, his work was complete, and it was time for Perquel to help move the bank to the next stage of its revival.

Today, Natixis share price have recovered from below €1 in March 2009 to €7.40 in mid-April 2015. The bank is focusing on a series of key product lines, as well as a selective approach to its chosen client base. Perquel describes Natixis as a “rare breed”, who “are well positioned by being relatively small and nimble, which should enable them to be more profitable than the competition by being more specialised” – with ambitions to become 66% non-French, it’s clear that Natixis is a name we will be hearing more of.

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