Global Finance names Commerzbank one of “The Innovators” 2015

Global Finance magazine has announced “The Innovators 2015 – Transactions Services”. This is the publication’s third annual listing of global financial institutions and firms that are engendering innovation in treasury and transaction processing.

Commerzbank was deemed an Innovator for its approach to sustainable trade – Commerzbank takes the view that banks are responsible for deciding who to finance and have to accept there are transactions that cannot be touched, even if that is to the detriment of their balance sheets in the immediate future. As such, the bank assesses the sustainability of every single transaction it receives against a strict set of criteria. Not only is Commerzbank a pioneer in its approach, but also as a thought leader, having released a forward-looking report titled “Five Drivers of Sustainable Trade: Understanding the Magnitude of Change ” in March 2015 to drive change among competitors in order that this approach is adopted universally.

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