Natixis explores the effect of long-term low oil prices in its latest cross-expertise report

Bloomberg and GTR write on the findings of Natixis’ latest cross-expertise report, which predict a stabilisation of oil prices by year-end, with low demand and excess supply maintaining downward pressure on the price. “Countries like Saudi Arabia can keep production at this level probably for a year or two, but with Iranian oil back online and Iraqi oil not being disrupted, we are likely to see a lot more pressure on OPEC to work together as a cartel,” says Abhishek Deshpande, Natixis’ oil analyst. According to Alain Parent, equity analyst at Natixis, low oil prices will have a profound effect on the industry: “No matter where you sit in the oil cycle, you will feel the pain,” he says.

To read the full GTR article, please click here. For Natixis’ cross-expertise report, click here.

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