iGTB reveals that Middle East banks believe they will increase their transaction banking revenues by at least 25%

iGTB’s inaugural annual Middle East Client Advisory Event in Dubai drew together industry thought leaders and senior level bankers. At the conference – centred around “The decade of Transaction Banking: What share of this half a trillion dollar market will Middle Eastern Banks catch?” – a survey of attendees revealed that 62% anticipate growth in the region’s share of the transaction banking market of 25% or greater by 2025, with 34% expecting 50% growth. The attendees unanimously agreed that such success will hinge on the adoption of innovative technology. Following Moorgate outreach, the event and survey were covered by Cash & Trade, Treasury Management InternationalTreasury InsiderFTSE Global MarketsGlobal Banking and Finance ReviewBanking TechnologyCPI FinancialTrade ArabiaZawya (Thomson Reuters)Gtnews and CNBC MoneyControl. The full press release can be read here.

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