The Falcons swoop to pick up table football trophy

foosball2Moorgate made its Comic Relief contribution in typical fashion by indulging in a few beers, some buns, and a game of footie. In fact, it was a table football tournament held at City pop-up bar, Beer & Buns. The Moorgate Challenge Cup (to coincide annually with Comic/Sports Relief) was won by the team calling themselves The Falcons: made up of fancy-footwork Fred Hendry in defence and the commanding Leela Shanson in attack. They were worthy winners, their victory in the final coming against group stage powerhouse The Raters (Alice Launchbury and Tom Pankovas). Despite the 10-1 scoreline, The Raters felt their contribution worthy of an upgrade though, by then, the beer and buns had taken precedence. foosball

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