S&P considers how France’s mid-market is faring amid tough economic conditions

Despite adopting conservative financial policies, economic forecasts show that France is lagging behind an already slow European recovery. In TMI’s November issue, Standard & Poor’s analysts Claire Mauduit-Le Clercq and Alexandra Krief discuss how pressured competitiveness and stagnant investment levels are inhibiting France’s economic recovery. They explain that French midsized companies must seek alternative funding sources – such as private placement (Euro PP, for example) and direct lending markets – to fill the gap left by banking disintermediation, and ultimately catch up with the rest of Europe.

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Claire Mauduit-Le Clercq

Claire Mauduit-Le Clercq, Associate Director, Mid-Market Evaluations and Credit Estimates

Alexandra Krief

Alexandra Krief, Director, Head of Mid-Market Evaluations and Credit Estimates

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