S&P to join forces with the CBI at event aimed at midsize firms seeking alternative funding

Standard & Poor’s anticipates that  European mid-market companies (i.e. those with revenues between €80 million and €1.3 billion) will need to raise up to an estimated €3.5 trillion in funding over the next five years. Yet this comes against a backdrop of bank deleveraging and tightening regulation which are creating a scarcity of finance for these corporates. As such, an increasing number are turning to alternative sources of finance, especially the capital markets.

Yet barriers remain: potential investors are reluctant to invest in midsize companies until they have more clarity on firms’ creditworthiness. And midsize companies often lack sufficient knowledge of the alternatives open to them. Given this, S&P is holding a series of events in Europe aimed at firms seeking to access alternative sources of finance. At the first U.K. event, on Tuesday, Nov. 26, 2013, S&P welcomes speakers from the Confederation of British Industry, Deloitte and M&G Investments.

Following Moorgate’s outreach, the story was covered by gtnews. To read more about S&P’s mid-market initiative, and series of events, please click here.

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