Our blog turns one

The Moorgate blog is one year old tomorrow. We hope it has highlighted our brand of financial PR – involving communicating the expertise of our clients. Below are our top 10 posts by viewing:

  1. S&P – Global Reinsurance Highlights 2012 Edition
  2. News announcement for Natixis infra debt distribution deal with Ageas
  3. S&P Project Finance and Shadow Banking Report Covered in Financial Times
  4. S&P’s outreach – Infrastructure Finance Outlook
  5. Euromoney examines Natixis’ partnership with Ageas; explores construction risk
  6. Think SEPA. Think Deutsche – Deutsche Bank publish guide to system migration
  7. Falcon Group hosts corporate funding forum
  8. The brownies are on Moorgate
  9. How will Basel III impact GCC countries? BNY Mellon discusses in Cash and Trade
  10. Natixis thought leadership on UK roads infrastructure

And these are the doughnuts we ate to celebrate the anniversary:


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