S&P Outreach: Infrastructure Finance Outlook April 2013

Key highlights include:

Breaking News: European Hybrid Issuance Grows In Popularity As More Sectors Join The Mix

The volume of hybrid capital shot to €8.2 billion in the year to March 8 2013, already topping the €5.2 billion in volume for all of 2012.
Feature Article: Shadow Banking Looks Set To Capture A Larger Share Of Project Financing

Michael Wilkins, S&P Credit Analyst, discusses the role of shadow banking in funding Europe’s infrastructure projects.
Feature Article: How S&P Treats Shareholder Loans In Analyzing U.K. Regulated Entities

Tania Tsoneva, S&P Credit Analyst, Answers Frequently Asked Questions On How Shareholder Loans Affect The Way S&P Analyzes U.K. Regulated Entities.

Feature Article
: Global Ship Operators Scramble For Liquidity To Stay Afloat

Izabela Listowska, Credit Analyst at S&P, describes the challenges facing the global shipping company.

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