News generation for S&P Capital IQ’s private entity data expansion

Having recently expanded its data offering of fundamental balance-sheet items across a large number of privately-held entities throughout Europe, we developed a news-generation strategy of four phases to help inform the market of the new capability.

While the first phase entailed announcing the commercial agreement behind the data expansion – and the extent of the data now available – the second phase mined the data itself to demonstrate its value. Examining the data alongside S&P Capital IQ’s Solution Architects, we were able to identify and illustrate a newsworthy trend – namely that private companies in Italy, Portugal and Spain are in many respects in stronger financial health than their publically-listed peers.

This observation formed the basis of a press release, which in turn formed the basis of a video produced in-house and a piece of technical analysis – the drafting of which was also assisted by Moorgate – distributed to clients.

So far, the news has been run in Wansquare, Institutional Asset Manager, Unquote, GT News, Private Equity Wire, Hedgeweek, Bobsguide and Mondo Visione.

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