Deutsche Bank demonstrates its expertise in The Banker

The July issue of The Banker included a Cash Management Financial Intelligence Guide, containing three articles by Deutsche Bank.

Satvinder Singh, Deutsche Bank’s global head of trust and securities services and cash management for financial institutions, explored the impact of macroeconomic and regulatory pressures on transaction banking and cash management.To read the full article, please click here.

Rhomaios Ram, global head of product management, Christian Westerhaus, global head of cash product management and EMEA regional head of product management, and David Watson, head of client access, examined the challenges and opportunities presented by the rise of technology in cash management.To read the full article, please click here.

And John Ball, global head of sales, cash management for financial institutions, and Marcus Sehr, global head of FI product, cash management for financial institutions, explained the importance of local and global partnerships in managing transactions during periods of financial turmoil and increased regulatory pressure.To read the full article, please click here (please note that these articles are behind a pay wall).

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