Analysing Apple: Natixis' head of quant research describes a stock pattern matching technique for analysing the computing giant

Will Apple’s share price keep going up, or is the cycle of positive gains nearing its end? Natixis’s head of Equity Markets Quant Research, Adil Reghai, discusses the impact various events could have on Apple’s share price in a commentary article published in US specialist technology investment publication Value Walk. These events include Apple’s success in China, its ability to offer new products and maintain its image, as well as taking advantage of its ‘leader’ status in the field, just to name a few. Adil demonstrates a ‘pattern matching’ technique used in bioinformatics research, adapted by Natixis’ Quant Research team, to look for similarities between Apple’s current share price and those of other technology companies during similar stages in their evolution. Like any fast-growing company, Apple’s valuation and therefore its share price are sensitive to changes in market expectations for the company’s growth rate.

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