Growth of global offshore wind power provides big opportunities for project finance, according to S&P

Many countries expect wind power to account for a large share of their renewable-energy investment to meet energy and climate goals, but the investment required globally to meet this vision is immense, explain S&P Credit Analysts Jose Abos and Terry Pratt, in an article written for Project Finance International (PFI).  Utility balance sheets and state lending organizations have been the dominant sources of funding for this relatively new asset class, but these will not be nearly enough to fund the ambitious investment needed by 2020.

S&P estimates that the amount needed to meet just the U.K. and German government’s goals falls between €91 billion ($117 billion) and €104 billion ($133 billion). As a result, project financing is becoming increasingly available for European offshore wind projects, and they see a growing market for it as governments, project sponsors, suppliers, and lenders manage investment barriers and help the industry grow.

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