S&P’s outreach – Infrastructure Finance Outlook

In order to keep its clients and stakeholders in the sector up to date, Standard & Poor’s releases a monthly newsletter entitled Infrastructure Finance Outlook (IFR Outlook), containing the latest research from S&P Ratings Services, alongside up-to-date news of rating actions and market trends across the EMEA infrastructure sector. Distributed in both pdf and e-book form, this month’s issue covers S&P’s appearance at Rio+20, the dangers of sovereign distress to EMEA utilities, comprehensive news on the utilities, transport, and project finance sectors, and much else.

To download IFR Outlook as a pdf, please click here

To view IFR Outlook as an e-book, please click here

Viewing IFR Outlook as an e-book provides access to exclusive video content, and the ability to download relevant research and ratings reports.

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