BPL Global addresses misperceptions of the MLT insurance market

BPL Global is a name synonymous with the growth of the Political Risk Insurance (PRI) market – a growth that is producing a new medium and long term (MLT) export credit insurance market, where ECAs and private insurers compete with each other to provide comprehensive non-payment and related covers for capital goods exports, foreign projects and their financiers. Charles Berry, Chairman of BPL Global, writes in the latest issue of Trade & Forfaiting Review that a competitive market place will deliver benefits to exporters and banks by offering choice and by strengthening both ECAs and private insurers. But for it to truly thrive, regulators must update their view of export credit insurance, not least as many in the private PRI market feel the playing field is tilted in favour of the ECAs.

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Adjusting to the mixed market – TFR June 2012

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